Ride and Safari in Jaipur with Lovable Elephants

“Have you ever witnessed the largest mammal of the earth playing with the smartest creatures of the planet, If not then we recommend you to join us to catch a glimpse of the nature relishing with its beings and much more..”, and that’s just a short story how we celebrate the Elephant Ride in Jaipur, in the city of Rajvadas, capital of the state of the Emperors “The Rajasthan”.

elephant safari in jaipur

elephant safari in jaipur

Elephant on one hand are enormous, aggressive but their aggression changes to love and fraternity in a moment. They are adorable, cute, gracious and last not the least but lovable. Elefanjoy holds a track record to take tourist to an exotic excursions in utmost unique way, rocking on an elephant’s back, taking a close look into the woods, feeling the sky scraping flora and fauna, and stealing glaze of wildlife. Things are too vast to be described and to be elaborated. One who feels, knows the truth how pleasurable it is to relish with nature.

Kids when step their first step into Kindergarten, they just learn to hold the paintbrush, and it becomes super exciting for their parents to make momentous memory of it, then we can compare how special would you and your kid feel when they have their mud bath with baby elephants, and painting them, decorating then after. A child birth is beautiful so as birth of an elephant. Lucky are those who capture the moment of an elephant coming into existence in their memories which are hard to diminish. A baby elephant awaits you to spend some time with you, to play with you and pose with you.

Safaris trips are highly addictive, relishing with friends, celebrating the party, etc. We are your personal assistant to guide you through out the city history and make an everlasting bond with your Travel Mate “The Elephant”. We travel in open Jeep – we feel good, when we travel on elephant it is simply awesome. It feels like nature’s rocking chair. Traveling across waterfalls had never been so adorable.

elephant ride in jaipur

Elephant ride in jaipur


Royal Families have a sport which relaxes, stretches and makes your body active. That sport has been brought and reserved specially for you to experience it. Make your teams, know strangers, develop bonding with them and lead with the team spirit. If it is so exciting just reading about it, then how exciting would be to relish it.

People from all over the world come to the Pink City to celebrate vacations, make momentous memories, and learn about the culture, tradition, attires, behaviour and so on. This is completely full of thrill but Elefanjoy adds more thrill and living into the context by providing you the guides trained in our supervision to give you the best knowledge they possess. Be it Germans, Poland, USA, UK, Japan, Spain, France, etc. we have our services for everyone.

We believe in”Your Thrill and Excitement contributes to our Satisfaction”

“Atithi Devo Bhava”

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Ride and Safari in Jaipur with Adorable Elephants

Elephant are among of one of the divine creatures ever designed by the almighty nature. They are huge, sacred, adorable and astonishingly unique. They are among one of the long living creatures on earth, and that is a one more add on which attracts our respect towards them. We have witnessed many wars on various fronts as those of ancient times as well as modern warfare, and fact remains unchanged that Elephants among the lead cavalry of the battalion.

Processions are also carried to celebrate festivals, make one’s phase of life momentous and undoubtedly tusk enforcers, elephants are lead of the same. Have you known the reason, why? Answers to it is given by nature in a realistic way. Huge creature is part of our ceremony and enjoyment, sharing its enjoyment with ours. Also tusk Enforcers add royal look to the procession as very few in the world are lucky to have their enjoyment shared with them.

elephant ride in jaipur

We at Elefanjoy (elefanjoy.com) have preserved few of the legends to steal a glimpse of yours and your family, engraving a mark in your memories of fun n frolic. Let kids play with the baby elephants, sharing fun and exotic time that’s precious to be recalled. Let your toddlers experience how it feels to be with the largest mammal of the land. They are cute because they can’t jump but can run much faster than a running human.

Cultural festival are meant to be successful when there’s an elephant in the procession, as there’s a saying for the elephant in India – ‘Gajanan Dev’.

We at Elefanjoy have various exotic and completely royal services offered in accordance with the elephants, making them partner in your enjoyment. We make sure you mark your enjoyment well on your timeline, like elephant ride and safari in jaipur.

There exist various common games as hockey, cricket, soccer, rugby, etc. but have you ever witnessed ELEPHANT Polo? We guess you haven’t because it is among one of those royal games which highest clan would have enjoyed. But in today’s era of equality we have conserved it for you. You can be part of the royal game.

elephant safari in jaipur

Creativity is at its best when it emerges from the heart, unleashing our vivid imagination and exploring the eternities of the mind. In Similar Way we have an event scheduled for you with our cute and adorable elephants. It feels awesome when someone draws a tattoo design on our hand, ironically elephants also feel the same, but also their designer and painters feel special after painting a master piece. You can also have a snap with your spiritual painting on a natural canvas.

Whenever a tension or disturbance in our lives have been encountered, rocking your lives leads a way out to the serenity. Symbolically Elephant Safari in Jaipur is one way out from the workloads, targets, you mere enjoy the nature’s peace clubbed with the chirping of the birds.

Elefanjoy also provides you with best certified guides of the City to entertain you and let you each and every minor details of the sanctuary. Guides are here to explain the culture of Royal Rajasthan, their hierarchy, and present lives of the kings. We give linguistic support to almost every language as Deutsch, English, Latin, Spanish, French, Chinese, etc.

Feel Free to contact our team to enhance your nature’s experience. We also provide you with the best guidance over accommodations and local services.

“Atithi Devo Bhava!”

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Enjoyable Elephant Ride and Safari in Jaipur

Everyone in this vast and exotic world have witnessed the ride of Bikes, Cars, Open  Gypsies, Aeroplanes, Helicopters and many more but it’s our promise to you on behalf of our services that none would have been as enjoyable as an Elephant Ride and Safari in Jaipur. When you are seated in a comfy posture on an elephant’s back, you are one of those lucky persons to witness cool breeze, wide and bright view from a height that enables you to gaze upon the beautiful activities taking place around you, they may be a cultural or religious festival, wildlife sanctuary, procession, royal safari and so on. We at the Elefanjoy accompany you, to let you extract unique experience, happiness and relaxation from your vacations and holiday trips with friends and family. Whenever you gaze back into the random clicks you posed with the elephant and his family a smile conquers your face.

elephant ride in jaipur

Nature has specific time for every living being. A master piece of an artisan is completed in long time span, similarly nature requires two years to give birth to an elephant. How can one afford to miss an opportunity to spend leisure time with the greatest mammoth present on the Land?

It feels congenial when someone treats us special. When we make others feel special, we also become a part of it. A friendship progresses with mutual understanding, Elephants are friendly mammals that tend to understand humans, play with humans, and protect humans. Tusk enforcers are vast, friendly, trustworthy and moreover as a family members to human beings. Our team has been taking every possible care of these mammoths in the Elephant House Jaipur since 4 years, to make sure

  • Your Kids befriend them, play with them, relish their childhood with them, “ELEPHANT PAINTING
  • You can Enjoy your vacation with them, “ELEPHANT SAFARI
  • Let them be your partner in wildlife sight-seeing, they will show their home with an ease, “ELEPHANT RIDE
  • Be their team mate in royal sports in which they are perfect, “ELEPHANT POLO
  • Make them part of your memories, “FESTIVE PROCESSIONS

We request you to spend some time with us, especially with your family, kids will be bewildered to see sky scraping flora and fauna, a ride on country side, goose bumps by witnessing the realistic Mother Nature that is hard to experience in busy life of the cities. Take a break, become the spectator of the royal Elephant Ride in Jaipur.

Rajasthan being famous for “Rajputanas”, we believe you should not miss the experience of Royal Sport. Experience the thrill, patience, strategy, and team work that royal families of the State would go through.

elephant safari in jaipur

It would be how great, if guests get to know the history and culture if Rajasthan in whichever language they are most comfortable it may be English, French, Spanish, Deutsch (German) Chinese or Russian, etc. . We explain each and every intricate details of the forts, kings and their hierarchy with the professional, experienced and trained guides. We make sure you are comfy and cosy with guides assuring you to luxuriate.

We are savours for the elephant and encourage you to be one, enjoy nature with them as friends.

Elefanjoy team doesn’t leave any stone unturned, until you have been satisfied to the core witnessing ethnicity of India, its culture and people. We believe in our satisfaction when our service bearers aren’t only happy but indeed remember us in the momentous vacations they have spent with our team. We believe in “Atithi devo Bhava” (In English: “Guests are God”).

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Incredible Elephant Ride and Safari in Jaipur

Beauty resides in praising someone, and we are here to praise the royal mammal “The Elephant”. The cultural of celebrating festival has been a tradition since ancient India and we are doing our part to carry forward the same.

It feels beautiful when someone adores you, recreates you and make you feel special and that’s quite similar as for these mammoths. They are huge, elegant and lovable. An elephant is born after two year of pregnancy, if nature spend its quality time to create the existence of this creature then how special would be spending time with them and it could be only experienced with the expert staff of Elefanjoy who are serving Elephant Ride and Safari in Jaipur. You can perform various exotic fun and frolic activities at Elephant House Jaipur and Elefanjoy crew helps you out in your trip making it a momentous.


Elephants are one of the world’s most uniquely recognizable mammals, an elephant is worth millions;

  • Celebrate with them.
  • Introduce them to nature and vice versa.
  • Safest and beautiful friend to accompany throughout wildlife.
  • Paint them, make them funny and let them enjoy our company.
  • Let them be part of your wedding and remember them while cherishing memories.

The most entertaining ride is with the elephants, they are huge and slow. One can relish wildlife scenarios with proper sight. Pluck the fruits with ease throughout your safari and let your elephant be partner in your enjoyment and fun. Feel the real rajasthan heritage look with Elephant Safari in Jaipur. Ecosystem is needed to be adored with its elements like pond, sky scraping trees, rivers, flora and fauna and numerous set of Eco cycles. Present trend is trekking with the elephants and touring the royal fort of Jaipur. From elevated viewing sight, glory of the forts increases up to a couple of times. Elefanjoy assist you to make your wonderful trip momentous.

elephant safari in jaipur

Polo is among one of the royal retro game often enjoyed by higher hierarchy officials. You can relish the same with us at Elefanjoy. We have been organizing several polo events for you to enjoy with family and friends and capture tons of million random clicks to recall the success stories later on. Witnessing an elephant speeding is a rare but our team makes that quite repeatable in the game. A stick chasing a ball and fidgeting with goals is indeed super awesome and awaited to be experienced by you.

Best once in lifetime experience is adoring a baby elephant. Nature takes approximately 24 months to create a baby elephant and has imparted intricate details into the creature. Spending time with the cute little creature is extra ordinary. The love is witnessed in mother elephant eyes when she feeds her child with eternal care and love.

Sometimes there are difficulties in understanding the historic existence of the fort, kings and their ancestors as information may not be in your mother tongue. We at Elefanjoy are ready to provide you with trained and certified guide in almost every possible language whether it be French, Deutsch, Chinese, Spanish or Russian etc.

We are savours for the elephant and wildlife and aid every one of us to enjoy with them as friends.

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Fascinating Elephant Ride and Safari in Jaipur

Elephants, beautifully painted and richly decorated are the most recognized creatures in Jaipur, Rajasthan. These elephants are used for providing elephant ride to the tourists to make their journey memorable. Elephant Safari is a never to miss movement that gives an ultimate experience to the tourists of sightseeing.

elefant ride in jaipur

The royal ride on an elephant’s back includes tour to the finest architectural palaces like amber palace, amber town, old pink city and the rural areas near amber, jaipur. Know about the details of the elephant ride and safari in jaipur below.

Elephant Ride’s Details:

  • To begin the elephant safari, there will be a 30-40 minutes of traditional ride to the hill top and then to the amber palace, which is situated in amer city. This interesting beauty, with intermingle of Hindu and Mughal architecture is situated at a distance of 10 km away from jaipur city. Enjoy the most wonderful view of the jaipur during your ride.
  • Another 45 minutes ride around the Amber Town will begin at the farm. You will get to observe the daily life style of the residents while riding and passing through the town. You can also feed your elephant with fruits at the end of the tour.
  • Then you will enjoy the elephant bathing and painting; explore the love with elephant’s and their babies, the loveliest moment with biggest animal.
  • Visit the wonderful monuments and enjoy the sightseeing of the city with elephant safari in jaipur.

Rural View with elephant’s:

elephant safari in jaipur

Besides, the amber town, you can also enjoy an elephant ride to the villages situated near Amber. This tour of one and a half to two hours, will give you the close view of the village life, the way of living of the villagers and their royal culture. Experience a totally different aspect of Royal Jaipur far away from the shove and flurry of the city.

Do you know English, Hindi, Rajasthani…? If not, don’t worry because we have best trainer in Deutsch, French, Spanish, Russian, etc. with our team to aid your trip to Royal Jaipur to be historic  whether it be ride, safari, polo, painting, city tour, ethnic tour.

Our organization believes in elephant ride in jaipur, as its right of every being present on earth to be treated special.

A tour of Jaipur, Rajasthan will remain incomplete without experiencing a colorful elephant ride and safari!

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Elephant Ride and Safari in Jaipur

Our Organisation “Elephanjoy” has been derived from “Elephant” + “Joy”

Elephants are among the world’s most charismatic mega fauna and our largest living land mammals and also endangered species, but we traditional organisation “Elefanjoy” works for the betterment of elephants and make them feel decorated, special and joyous.

Elephants are one of the world’s most recognisable mammals, an elephant is worth millions;

  • A way to ride.
  • A way to proceed through procession/wedding.
  • A way to visit wildlife (Jungle Safari).
  • A way to paint and make them feel special.
  • A way to celebrate with them in your occasion, and yet more we need to discover.

Elephant ride and safari in jaipur is considered as a best activity for the nature amusement of both humans and the elephant. A human being gazes at the jungle scenario of ponds, rivers, agriculture, trees touching the sky, fruit bearing trees, different sets of Eco cycles, in short a complete package full of refreshments, excitement, endeavour and thrill. We at Elephanjoy, Jaipur provide you with the best Safari guides who lead you the place of your choice. You can click millions of wildlife pictures, your reunion memories, family gathering, student outing or an official weekend with your colleagues. A travel guide may be opted which explains you each intricate details about Jaipur, its history and the culture.

elephant safari in jaipur

elephant safari in jaipur

Elephant are the joyous and exotic creatures, more we get involved with them, more they become friendly, loyal and attached. Same you can experience with Elephanjoy, painting this tusk enforcer with your eternal love and let them feel special and royal. Making different sort of designs on tusks, their coat and a click with them is worth million memories of yours. Let your kids unleash their creativity on the mud dusky coat of elephants, moulding an artistic piece of their own.

Elephant polo is the utmost favourite royal game in Royal families. In Early decades kings and their families incline themselves towards this sport. Britishers also relished the same.
Elefanjoy has preserved the art and this royal culture of this game for you and your family’s enjoyment.
Play like a king at least once in a life to know the exotic tradition.

There exist, beautiful moment in world, when a mother gives birth to cute elephant. Elefanjoy has the youngest elephant to be adored at Elephant House, Jaipur. It is cute, dashing and captivating.

Wedding takes place once in a lifetime, and the procession is transformed into royal culture as, wedding planner gets Elephanjoy into their consideration. Height of elephant is major ground to be royal, one’s procession can be spotted from far areas making it popular and successful.

elephant ride in jaipur

elephant ride in jaipur

Do you English, Hindi, Rajasthani…? If not, don’t panic because we have best guides trained in Deutsch, French, Spanish, Russian, etc. with our team to aid your trip to Jaipur to be momentous  whether it be safari, ride, polo, city tour, ethnic tour.

Our organisation believes in your and elephant safari in jaipur, as its right of every being present on earth to be treated special.

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